3d Simed

3d Sim Ed


3d Sim Ed has been created by David Noonan and is available for purchase at [http://www.simgarage.uk].

3DSimEd is a visual tool allowing you to import data from many different formats of racing simulators including Race 07, GTR Evolution, STCC The Game, GTR2, rFactor, GTL, GTR, Papyrus Nascar 2003 & Grand Prix Legends (GPL), Formula (F1 2002), Formula 1 Career Challenge (F1 CC), Nascar SimRacing, Race Driver Grid, TOCA Race Driver, Nascar Heat, Viper Racing and many other racing simulator formats. A range of simple editing tools are available to allow you to modify data. Your models can then be saved to Race 07, GTR Evolution, GTR2, rFactor, GTL, N2003, GTR, Nascar Heat, Viper Racing and F1CC/F1-2002 formats.

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