• This site will be used to provide access to all manner of things that are useful to people who make their own race tracks or rally stages.
  • In particular it will have tutorials for Bob's Track Builder (BTB) and XPacker.
  • Please feel free to add your own contributions
  • If you know of a good tutorial that was written by someone else, you can either provide a link or seek their permission to host it here.

Useful Programs - There's more to it than BTB or 3DSMax. You may want to make your own textures or objects. Here is a list of program home pages and their most active discussion forums.

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks - So we have all these fancy programs but how can we get the most out of them?

Glossary - Definitions of terms you are likely to come across.

Forums - Want to say something about this site? Use the forum to have your say.

Facebook group - Spread the word, encourage more tutorials for this site.

Check the official BTB forum: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/forums/bobs-track-builder.162/

Do you have something to add? No matter how big or small, all additions are welcome.

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