How to alter the track files

GDB file

In the gdb file, you can alter the way the track shows up in your locations menu.
the Filter properties and Attrition i do not alter.
TrackName = Circuit van Drenthe // name of the track
EventName = Dutch TT // name of the event
GrandPrixName = Dutch TT // name of the event (has to be the same as "EventName")
VenueName = De Haar // the name of the venue
Location = the Netherlands //
Length = 16.5 km / 10.2 mi
TrackType = Temporary Road Course // can be permanent road course, Oval, Roval, temporary road course and so on..
Track Record = Piddy, 3.456
TerrainDataFile = TT0760.tdf
GarageDepth = 2.5
RacePitKPH = 50 // default 80
NormalPitKPH = 40 // default 80
Practice1Day = Thursday // default Friday
Practice1Start = 10:00 // default 10:00
Practice1Duration = 720 // default 60
QualifyDay = Friday // default Saturday
QualifyStart = 13:00 // default 14:00
QualifyDuration = 120 // default 60
QualifyLaps = 10 // default 12
WarmupDay = Saturday // default Sunday
WarmupStart = 10:00 // default 9:00
WarmupDuration = 30 // default 30
RaceDay = Saturday // default Sunday
RaceStart = 13:00 // default 12:00
RaceLaps = 16 // default 90 (The TT 500cc race had 16 laps.) * explanation below
RaceTime = 120 // default 120
The track is not build for night racing.
Also some mods have difficulties to race here because the track is narrow.
Unique in many ways: The Dutch TT has always been held on Saturdays.
The first purpose build moto track and it has always been on the calender
since the start of the FIM championship.
Latitude = 52.57 // degs from Equator (range: -90 to 90, positive is
Northern Hemisphere)
NorthDirection = 0 // the direction of North in degrees (range: 0 to 359)

I explain a very few things:
For the number of race laps i always use the formula: 305km divided by the lap length + 1 lap.
For instance: Monza measures 5.793 km. 305/5.793=52,64975 +1 laps=53.
This is a official FIA rule for formula 1 so i use this rule.
When building a fantasy track i always use the Latitude=53 rule. The Netherlands latitude is 53 degrees north.
When building an existing track, look for a wikipedia page of this track or try to find it on google maps. It will show the correct latitude.
At the facebook site of Race Department we already had a discussion about the North Direction.
The North Direction shows the track where the geological north is situated.

AIW file

For fueluse i use a simple "laplength x 16" rule. It is one of those values that in some cases don't make sense, because the value is connected to the track instead of the car mod that is being used.

The starting grid order can be altered too. I did this with the Hunzering 1970 Spring Race. The fastest car starts at the back of the grid, by reversing the grid. The GridIndex=0 i did change to the highest number the grid would allow, and visa versa.

tdf file

The only value i alter is the RoadDryGrip. rFactor does not use the RoadwetGrip. The max. value i use is 1.20.
Also the Feedback i change a few lines. I always try to get more responsivenes from the gravel traps. By adding more resistance.


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