Making a Rally Stage with height data in BTB..

**Making a Rally Stage with height data in BTB… (this tutorial made by Jonathan Johansson []) **

This tutorial is to show you my way of making rally stages with height data!
You will need:
- Google Earth
- 3D Route Builder (

1. Fire up Google Earth!

2. Find youself a nice stretch of road you want to replicate in BTB

3. Click the Route drawing tool in the above menu

4. Click some points to form a route with the tool and name the route something, then click OK.

5. The Rallystage should now be avaliable in your left menu
Right click on it and choose save as, then save it as .KMZ

6. Fire up 3D Route Builder!, and go to file - open route and select the rallystage.kmz file.


7. Now it should look like this:

8. Press CTRL+A to select all the waypoints.

9. Press the Edit Button

10. Go to Route/Altitude/Update from Geo Tool

Google Earth will now open and height data will be collected for all the points.

11. Go to File/Export as.. and export the route as .kml

I export my route as Rallystage.kml

12. Open up Bobs Track Builder

13. Go to File/Import - Google Earth and import the stage.kml

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