Mas Utility

"Tutorial Mas utility"

Tutorial Mas Utility 2.0 (by Erwin Greven)

Open your track folder and open the Mas utility
I will use my 1953 TT circuit van Drenthe as an example.
In Win7 pro 64 you will see something similar like this:


When you open the folder, here TT0750, you will see all the exported files.
GMT's, DDS'ses, JPG's, GDB, CAM, AIW and so on.
I like to pack these files like this:

TT0750.mas » ALL GMT files.
TT0750_maps.mas » ALL non dds texture files.
TT0750_maps2.mas » ALL dds files.


Sort the files by type:


Select all the GMT-files and drag them to the Mas-utility:


It should look like this:


Save this file as, in this case, TT0750.mas.
It is very important to add the *.mas extention to it. Otherwise it will not work.


Save it. It will take a while for the Mas-utility to pack everything, so be patient.
After this, I delete all the GMT files that are left in the map. Because the TT0750.mas file contains now the GMT files. Also do not forget to clear the mas utility screen by clicking on "Create a new mas file"


Now i select all the bmp, jpg, png* and tga*-files, EXCEPT the loading.jpg!!! Further <b>exclude</b> the *mini.tga and *Thmb.tga. Do not add those in the pack. (* when needed. )


Drag the files into the Mas utility screen and save these as: TT0750_maps.mas. Follow the same procedure as above.


Select all the dds files….


… and drag them into the Mas Utility. Save it as TT0750_maps2.mas

Follow the same procedure as before.


After deleting all the files, it should look like this:
It should contain: the 3 packed mas files, the *.aiw, cam, gdb, loading.jpg, two tga files like mentioned earlier and the scn and tdf files.


Altering the files!!

Open the scn file.

You will notice the lines "MASFile=sky.mas" and MASFile="COMMONMAPS.MAS".
These lines point the scenery file (scn) to the default mas files already exported into your track folder.


We have to add the mas files just created by the mas utility.


I always copy the longest name of one of the mas files, here it is: TT0750_maps2.mas.


Copy and paste the file names into the scn file.


Change the names by simply deleting parts of the file names:

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