Using XPacker to Make Precise Cross Sections

Since BTB switched from XML to binary format, we have lost some of our ability to edit venues directly. Fortunately XPacker still does use the XML format, so we can use that to modify cross-sections, to some extent.

  • Start XPacker and create a new XPack. The name doesn't matter.
  • Create a new cross section and call it road1
  • Add a few points (see how in the Surfaces section of the BTB Controls page.
  • You'll notice you can roughly set their positions but that you cannot get fine control.
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the window.
  • Close XPacker (important step)
  • Find your BobsTrackBuilder installation folder, then open the XPacker folder, and then XPacks
  • Open the folder named after your new XPack, then open the CrossSections folder.
  • Find road1.xml file named after the new cross-section, and open it in any text editor.
    • If you set a path in XPacker (e.g. roads\tarmac\road1), you will have a corresponding folder structure
  • For each <point> element there will be a <position> element containing X, Y and Z coordinates
  • The values can be rounded off, or changed in any other way.
    • Changing the Z coordinate can lead to interesting results in BTB
  • When you've finished making the changes, save the file.
  • Open XPacker again and reload the XPack

Once you select Zip to BTB, you will be able to load the XPack into your current project, and then apply the new cross-section.

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