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Maybe the problem is the search engine. I just read about a Google alternative on the racedepartment forums:
This site is the first result for btb tutorials. Strangely though, this site doesn't feature highly in the results for bobs track builder tutorials.

Re: Search engine optimization by R SoulR Soul, 11 Dec 2011 16:33

We are now ranked numero Uno on search term "SimTrackpedia"… We have also three additional results from this site, they are all my texts…. Google is my bitch.

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 06 Dec 2011 22:19

What i understand, Google doesn't always crawl the meta teags but they can be included. Reason for this is that spam sites used primarily meta tags and they had like 20 pages of them.. I need to register this site to webmaster, it has, if i understood it correctly, the tools to include meta tags. But i could easily be wrong too…

I get "BTB tutorials" as 6th result, that is without personalized search (with Ghostery installed..) and via Tor proxy i get the same result. So that is hte "pure search" results. Much better but still need little improvement but that i think that comes from other peoples searches and hits. Cross-site referencing helps a lot…

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 06 Dec 2011 18:07

If you type "bobs track builder" tutorial into Google, including the quotes, this site is the last result of the first page. Without the quotes there's a result on page 2. Not the best of outcomes but it seems to be an improvement.

It helps when tutorials have contain 'btb' (or bob's track builder) and 'tutorial' in the title. I've read that Google stopped using Meta tags a long time ago, so I think the best strategy will be to keep adding tutorials here, then telling people about them on the forum or facebook.

Re: Search engine optimization by R SoulR Soul, 01 Dec 2011 13:59

Not much to be done there. I added the new meta description keywords:

Bob's Track Builder Tutorials, btb tutorials, xpacker tutorials, track building, simtrackpedia, simtrackipedia, simtrackpeda, sim track pedia, sim trackipedia, simtrackwiki, trackwiki, EVO, Pro, btb, track design, simracing, Race07, rFactor, Race, RBR, GTR2, GTL, DirectX

There needs to be more but those will do for now. Make new suggestions or those with admin rights can add more. Just remember to include the old ones too…

I'll add this to webmasters and check if i can get more thorough crawl, so that the articles/tutorials content becomes more visible. Then it's a breeze, as the keywords define themselves, much easier that way tan to manually add tags/meta..

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 29 Nov 2011 21:02

I've given you admin rights so you can now access the Site Manager. If you make a lot of changes, it would be a good idea to generate and download a new backup.

The backup contains the page contents, but not extra things like tags or backlinks.

Re: Search engine optimization by R SoulR Soul, 29 Nov 2011 18:22

Well, let's do what we can… I need everybody to share this site on facebook, stumbleupon, any where you think it's increasing the visibility. I'll make a FB group, join it!!

All this improves visibility a lot, we need links from other sites and all the traffic we can get from as many sites/pages as possibilites. Twitter account needs to be created.

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 29 Nov 2011 15:35

Actually, site migration with a change of name would be the best option.. I think using other wiki engine like mediawiki would be more seo friendly.. That and removing the odd typo is the key, imho.. Articles, posts etc data is easy to transfer, so is old users redirection.

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 29 Nov 2011 15:16

Hmm, i still have no admin rights… I see that this site is already registered to Google Analytics..Good, i would need that account info then…But first i'll check the structures, metas and keywords of this site. A direct html edit would be great but since this is strictly wikidot site, that is not an option.. Tags are way too low in the structure to have reasonable effect unless i can make the google to crawl more deeply, that would mean webmasters tools then.. And since i can't register webmasters without admin rights..

EDIT: I really am not an expert on SEO, i've done only one site before. That site got way up in ranks just by switching frontpage to wordpress but that site had own server space with freedom to install pretty much anything. Here, the story is different, have to work with limited software. Much harder but first thing is to change to emphasis on the site name.. Would be much easier to point out the typo if it's : SimTrackIpedia other wise it's hard for everybody, that was my main obstacle when trying to discover this site…

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 29 Nov 2011 15:05

Thanks, the changes are noticeable!

I added the tag simtrackpedia (without ' i ')to almost every page. There is possibility to try to use tags to make more keywords appear on site. There is a page for ex "forum thread" that is actually page with just the title but it can get tags still (weird, i know…) I keep adding tags to those "empty" pages, let's see what that will do..

Re: Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 29 Nov 2011 14:17

I've just registered the site with a free tool that updates quite a lot of search engines. Simtrackipedia now returns lots of content from this site. I'll start doing some experiments to see what can be done about more generic search terms.

Re: Search engine optimization by R SoulR Soul, 27 Nov 2011 23:08

This wiki has very poor visibility in the search engines. For ex googling simtrackpedia will not give any results that points directly to here. That is not good…

Who is admin? There must be some options he can use to improve visibility, the main reason why this wiki is not used more commonly. Mostly people ask about stuff in Racedepartment and then someone post this link just because no one knows about this.

Search engine keywords: track building, simracing, wiki, simtrackpedia, bobs track builder, btb, xpacker, xpack, tutorial, guide, rfactor, race07, racer, rbr, richard burns rally, gtl, gtr2

It's better to be overexposed than hidden..

Search engine optimization by CreamKCreamK, 26 Nov 2011 17:15

Sup folks, if you guys nees any graphics done to help jazz up the site a bit feel free to ask, ill do what i can when i can.

Logo/ general web graphics by Pangaea2Pangaea2, 12 Jul 2011 17:28
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