Welcom to Trackipedia. Trackipedia has been created as a means to collate all the possible information, tips, tricks, pointers, suggestions and shortcuts, used by track builders from around the world for track editing and creation, in one place. The more information that is added and edited, the better your track building technique will become, resulting in better and better tracks you can build and released to the public. All we ask is that if you visit Trackipedia and find your answer, please find a way to also add to the information.

Threads should start with the most basic descriptions of how a program is layed out on the screen, what the simple functions are, and how to begin. Use screenshots when necessary and begin to slowly increase the level of detail, branching out sub-threads as the needs arise. Using this format, Trackipedia hopes that anyone seeking answers, wether pro or beginner, will be able to follow a single thread to the answer they need, while possibly finding other tips and tricks along the way.

Keep in mind that this is not a Wiki for questions. This will only clutter the threads, causing frustration to the person using Trackipedia, and defeating the purpose as to why Trackipedia was created in the first place. Please submit questions in the appropriate forum.

Help make Trackipedia the the most informative site a track builder could use. And please, be sure to credit Trackipedia in your track file, forums, leagues and anywhere we may be of help to others, as we were a help to you. Trackipedia is for sim track builders around the world.

Play a part. Share your knowledge with the Trackipedia community.


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