Trees: Method 2

Start by making a single face with a tree texture applied:

(If your object program cannot display dds or other textures with transparency, you'll have to use a jpg or bmp (etc) and replace it later on)

Make a copy and rotate it by 90 degrees:

Move one of the planes up or down by 1 unit (which will be 1 meter in rFactor):

The material needs the 'double sided' option selected.


  • Although there is a mirror effect, it is harder to see than if the 2nd plane were not offset.
  • Doesn't take long to make the object.


  • For small trees you can get away with a + shape, but for larger trees you may need more planes. They should all be offset, so you could end up adding quite a bit of height to the tree.
  • This method only works if the base of the trunk is hidden by something, e.g. a barrier or some bushes.
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