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VisGroups determine when a particular object is NOT shown by the graphics engine; i.e., a VisGroup means the object is turned off when that criterion is met. The number is a sum of several values (all powers of 2), which means the graphics engine looks at the bits to determine which attributes are set. So the VisGroups are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.

The ones I know about are:

Detail level:
Full = none of the detail vis groups are turned off
High = vis group 1 is turned off
Medium = vis group 1 and 2 are turned off
Low = vis group 1, 2, and 4 are turned off

Special visgroup for mirror
32 - Do not show in mirrors

For session control:
64 – Remove from Practice
128 – Remove from Qualification
256 – Remove from Race

If you want an object to show up in Full and High but not Medium or Low, VisGroups=2+4 = 6. If you also want that object not to show up in the mirror, VisGroups = 6+32= 38.

personally I just used value 32 to prevent certain objects to appear
in the mirror . It really helps keeping the frames high in crowded areas
like pits etc.
If you drive out near the pits in toban you will notice that only the lower
half of the pitbuilding shows up in your mirror. many more examples in the
original ISI scn files……

hope that helps…


To add to the above info.
The GMotor plug-in for Max has the visgroups as letters A through P, and they correspond to


To get a visgroup that isn't listed in those numbers use 2 or more buttons, E.G. for visgroup 6 use B & C.

've had a couple of PMs about vis grouping in rFactor, so here's the info:

The first and most important thing to realize is that VIS groups are setup NOT TO LOAD. VIS groups are not to say what is IN the scene but rather what is NOT, so keep that in mind. This list is just a general idea of how to set them up on a track. Use good judgment on whether or not this exact pattern is good for your track.

There are 4 detail settings in the options: (descriptions of each VIS group will be given later)
Full = no VIS groups are turned off
High = VIS group A is turned off
Medium = VIS group A and B are turned off
Low = VIS group A, B, and C are tuned off

That is the basic setup for VIS groups.
A = everything that you want removed for High detail

In VIS group A includes the least important objects on the track. These are objects that can be removed because they are not important and can reduce the poly and texture counts. Objects included are: out houses, camera stands, speakers and poles, the second layer of double layered trees, all the seats put in the bleachers, misc small side objects, and maybe a few back ground buildings that are there just for parallaxing.

B = everything that you want removed in addition to VIS group A for medium detail

Remember everything in A is turned off as well. Vis Group B includes a selection of objects that are high poly counts and are highly visible as you drive. Objects include transparent skids on the track and start grid, jumbotrons, cranes, most side buildings, some grandstands and bleachers (and their associated people, all trees that are not connected to or will cause big holes in the track, and some fences.

C = everything that you want removed in addition to VIS group A and B for low detail

Remember that everything in A and B are turned off as well. This VIS group is the last resort. Most everything else must go… A few exceptions to keep in mind. Anything that includes or is attached to the starting lights must stay. Most Billboards can stay, you can get rid of a few if they are complex but please leave the majority on the track (good visual reference at not much cost). Also turn and brake signs must stay. One more exception is the pit buildings they must also stay. Bear in mind that you still do not want to have giant gapping holes in the outside database even in the lowest of settings so keep in the objects that block the holes as well. Objects include the rest of the grandstands (and their associated people), all buildings, all trees, bridges( and there shadows), all shadows, all camera stands, most transparent fences (keep some for diversity and if they are attached to the wall), the rest of the people who are not in any bleachers or not removed in an earlier VIS group, anything else loose you still have around.

The next two VIS groups are a bit complicated but are there if you have the time to use them.
D = High detailed objects that you want to replace with low detailed object form VIS group E
E = Low detailed objects that you want to replace the objects in VIS group D with

This is setup so that when a user selects Low detail D will automatically be turned off and replaced with E. If nothing is tagged with either, nothing will change. It will then work just as above A-C.

F = Extra objects that you do not want to be in the rear views.

Basically you want everything OTHER than the cross-section of the road and the pit buildings in this VIS group. So those are the only things other than the cars rendered in the rearview. Objects include outside geometry not connected to the track, startlights and associated bridges, all billboards, all buildings, all trees, all brake signs, all shadows… etc… This is a very important vis group.

G = Everything you want to remove from the practice session
Granted there is not much other than most if not all people you want to remove from the practice session but it will allow you to get rid of special case objects like grandstands that only appear in race mode so they can be replaced in practice mode with objects with no people mapped on them.

H = Everything you want to remove from the Qualifying session
Use this to remove some of the people and perhaps the objects that you only want to appear in Practice mode.

I = Everything you want to remove from the race session
Not much will be removed from the race session. If you have any objects that are just for Practice or Qual mode than this is the tag for them.

1 = A = removed from Full detail and lower
2 = B = removed from High detail and lower
4 = C = removed from Med detail and lower
8 = D = High detailed object that you want replaced with E
16 = E = Low detailed object replacing D at low detail setting
32 = F = not seen in the mirror
64 = G = Things removed from practice session
128 = H = Things removed from qualifying session
256 = I = Things removed from race session
512 = J = Things viewed in daytime only
1024 = K = Things viewed at nightime
2048 = L = Things viewed from active trackside cams
4096 = M = Things removed from warmup session

example: //- Tires --------------
moveable=true VisGroups=(32)
MeshFile=posttireb01.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=False

contribs: tictactoe, owi

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